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FRiends of WRC

The Women’s Resource Center’s mission is to empower individuals to make informed life choices. The specific purpose of the WRC is to: Protect the life of the unborn; offer love and practical help to those with unplanned pregnancies; advocate healthy and moral relationships through the promotion of chastity; and to minister the Good News of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. We are a 501(C) (3) non-profit outreach ministry serving west central Nebraska since 1989. Through compassionate care, education, counseling, practical support, and community networking, we provide support to teens, women, couples and families who are facing the challenge of an unplanned pregnancy as well as offer hope and healing to those suffering from the heartbreak of a past abortion.

With over 2,100 abortions taking place in Nebraska each year, your help is vital to reaching and saving lives. Partner with the Women’s Resource Center to inspire life and impact futures for Christ in our community.


Give a Donation

Your financial investment at any level makes a significant impact at the WRC. Your donation makes a difference for life and for eternity.

Or send a check to:

Women’s Resource Center
209 McNeel Lane
North Platte, NE 69101




Use your gifts and talents to save unborn babies and minister to women, couples and families in our community. For just a few hours each week, you can be on the front lines of saving lives both physically and spiritually and make an eternal difference. Get involved!